Internet Marketing Promotion – Beginners, Are You Making These Common Mistakes?

Internet marketing promotion is not a secret, arcane, and mysterious process. It can be straight forward, and reproducible by almost any beginning online marketer. The challenge is avoiding mistakes, and learning the basic skills of internet marketers. Here are the key mistakes to avoid, and a few tips to lead you to success.The first mistake most new Internet marketers face is choosing an overly competitive market. In order for your Internet marketing promotion to be successful, you need to rank highly in the search engines. You probably want to accomplish this very quickly to start having some income.To find a good market, you need to do proper keyword and niche research. A keyword is simply a phrase people type into the search engine. A niche is a small portion of a larger market. Deciding to enter the weight loss market would be very difficult. “Weight Loss” is a highly competitive phrase. The magic of niche research is finding longer phrases, with low competition. An example: “Weight Loss” has over 56 MILLION competing pages. A niche within this mega-market could be, “walking and weight loss”, which only has 10,600 competing pages. It is very obvious which phrase you might be able to compete in.The second factor which halts many Internet marketing campaigns by beginners is paralysis by analysis. You’ve been researching, studying, and then you sit there afraid to hit the big “GO” button, because you’re not sure. Guess what, NO ONE IS SURE. You just need to start the project, get it online, and then learn from doing the process. Action is the key to success.Waiting for success is the next big mistake. You have done your research. You built your site. You wrote 20 articles. Now you’re sitting there watching the stats waiting for sales. Internet marketing is not a game of sit and wait. This is a game of consistent, and massive action. You need to get your name, and your message spread around the internet. Don’t wait, work.You need to engage your market in every place you can locate them. Use Facebook Fan pages, Squidoo, Twitter, Forums, and any other place you can find an audience to listen. Leave a trail of links leading back to your site. It will help increase your search engine rankings, and will bring real people to your site. People who are interested in what you have to say, because they have just read your comments, and want to know more. Your internet marketing promotion is only as good as your efforts to spread the word.The final point we will cover today is capturing names. Every top Internet marketer will tell you, but every new marketer promptly forgets. You must capture your visitors names and email addresses, and create a list. This mistake is the difference between making a few sales, and creating a business. A successful internet marketing promotion is often made on the second, third, or fourth contact with your list. Do not neglect this important part of building your online business. It is one of the critical basics to building a great online business.Avoiding the pitfalls and mistakes made commonly by other beginners, can help launch you to success. Your internet marketing promotion and business can be successful, profitable, and fun, by learning the basic skills to success.

Is Internet Marketing a Farce? Is Medicine School a Farce?

The first concern that many people I interact with have about being an internet marketer is if it even is a real job, let alone one that can even earn an income. Money people find it hard to believe that even earning a few dollars off the Internet is possible.Do Doctors and Internet Marketers get paid?Yes they do because they accomplish tasks (heal the sick) that others are willing to pay for. In the same vein internet marketers are also paid because they are accomplishing tasks that other individuals and web based companies find value in.There might probably be an alcoholic doctor out there who sits at home on his ass all day not doing anything; he probably doesn’t get paid since he is not accomplishing the tasks he is expected to do.In the same way do not expect to be paid if you are in internet marketing but are not really doing much, doing the right things or not adding any value to any other individual or web based company.Are there Doctors and Internet Marketers that get paid millions? Yes there are. If you do a search on the Internet you will find many news articles, postings and instances from various sources of doctors, as well as internet marketers making millions.The point to keep in mind is that not every doctor out there is a millionaire. Some doctors might still be on minimum wage or running money losing operations on their own somewhere in the world. So just because you do internet marketing it does not mean that you are going to become a millionaire eventually.However if you did do the right things as a doctor or internet marketer then the possibility of becoming rich is very real. Not a certainty but something at least conceivable.There are world renowned medical specialists out there making millions and just like that there are internet marketers who have excelled in their respective niches and raking in the bucks. In medicine they tend to be called specialists while in the internet marketing world they are sometimes called internet gurus. These guys are typically highly proficient in using the right internet marketing tools for right kind of product.Do bear in mind as well that just like in the real world, every person that claims to be a guru (internet marketing guru in this case) might not really be one and may in fact be a newbie himself. Haven’t you heard of quack doctors?Do you have to work hard to become a doctor? Or internet marketer? Absolutely YES! Doctors literally mug continuously for 10-15 hours a day for close to 5-8 years on average before they can even start to practice. My extended family does have a few doctors, so I know first hand.I distinctly remember a cousin mugging at a library and not even being able to turn up for Thanksgiving and our Xmas eve dinner while preparing for the exams. The family actually visited him there to say hello! Another nephew was popping pills just to stay awake to finish studying the syllables.Passing exams is not the end of it, the first few years as a practicing doctor can involve several 24-hour ER shifts in a week and periodic examinations thrown in as well.The truth of the matter is internet marketing can make you money if you work hard at it. It is indeed not a scam per se but there are many programs out there that over promise and under deliver. Beware of “make a million dollars in 3 days” type of affiliate marketing schemes that don’t sound realistic.

Internet Marketing Strategies for Success in 2010 and Beyond

As we look back over the years and how the marketing has not changed much, you will still want to pay close attention to the following Internet Marketing Strategies for Success. As we move further into the 21st century the tools of the trade and the how has changed dramatically; as some of the “why’s”. Due to the great advancements in technology and the amount of energy that many marketers and developers have invested, we now can market any product or service to anyone in the world with a click of the mouse or the tap of the “enter” key.What Was Once, May Not Be NowWhile many of us have been around for many years and know about the many different names that internet marketing may have, it really begun in the 1990’s with an avenue called email marketing. Email marketing was a very powerful tool, one that pioneered us to the tools that we use now. Email marketing still exists in today’s age, but one that you will remember that has been drifting away bit by bit; year after year. One very powerful internet marketing strategies for success is word of mouth; believe it or not, we are still in a very trusting time when we are provided the information by someone we know.The Powers of TodayWith more and more people obtain access to emails, websites and smart phones, the power of SMS Marketing, Text Message Marketing and SEO are dominating the robust marketing campaigns throughout the digital world. Social Networking has become a very popular internet marketing strategies for success as they are able to be shared with thousands of people and become a very highly discussed topic. Social networking tools consist of but are definitely not limited to Facebook, My Space, Linked In, Twitter, Blogs and forums; these tools allow internet marketers to market at a near no or low cost which in turn improved their return on investment. As these tools work with one another, they pick up other hot topics or posts that are becoming viral and you have people start bookmarking and commenting which improves the Search Engine Optimization of that specific product or service.What Should You Expect in Today’s Marketing?To find success in your internet marketing, you need strategies like being different, out of the normal, full of energy, colorful, flashy and if possible interactive. In today’s digital age, we have groomed ourselves to instant gratification, and we want things now, any time that a website takes longer than three seconds to load; you will lose the reader and your chance to market to them. Global marketing is on the cutting edge of what has ever been dreamed of, marketers are always changing their way of marketing and their internet marketing strategies to keep up with the changes in the marketplace. One demographic is totally different from the other, many people believe that all markets are the same, they are not. Your internet marketing strategy for the United States will be very different form the marketing strategy you will have in China. Targeting today’s teens is totally different then how we target the baby boomers.Who is your Target Audience?As you start building your internet marketing strategies for success, you need to figure out who your target is and why; what are their pains and how can you offer a solution. You will need to articulate and form a marketing campaign considering what type of marketing you will need to do, how much will it cost and what tools and resources you will need to be successful. Within a predetermined amount of time, figure out is it working? Are you providing answers to your target audience, are you providing then value?Are you re-evaluating? You need to step back and re-evaluate your business and see where the growth is, has there been growth, how much, at what cost? If you do not measure your success, you will find it nearly impossible to see the many rewards and benefits to your internet marketing business.One Strategy That Should Never be an optionYou should never quit, you may rearrange or reconfigure your internet marketing strategy but never, ever quit. Have you heard of any successful individual that quit? You may get to a point that you fell stuck, feel as if you are ready to throw in the towel, but don’t….instead reach out to others, explain what you are feeling. I am recommend you reach out to other marketers, talking to individuals that don’t understand what you are feeling or where you have been is no help. It is almost like getting dental advice from your mechanic, while they may offer the best advice, is it the best?