Internet Marketing Promotion – Beginners, Are You Making These Common Mistakes?

Internet marketing promotion is not a secret, arcane, and mysterious process. It can be straight forward, and reproducible by almost any beginning online marketer. The challenge is avoiding mistakes, and learning the basic skills of internet marketers. Here are the key mistakes to avoid, and a few tips to lead you to success.The first mistake most new Internet marketers face is choosing an overly competitive market. In order for your Internet marketing promotion to be successful, you need to rank highly in the search engines. You probably want to accomplish this very quickly to start having some income.To find a good market, you need to do proper keyword and niche research. A keyword is simply a phrase people type into the search engine. A niche is a small portion of a larger market. Deciding to enter the weight loss market would be very difficult. “Weight Loss” is a highly competitive phrase. The magic of niche research is finding longer phrases, with low competition. An example: “Weight Loss” has over 56 MILLION competing pages. A niche within this mega-market could be, “walking and weight loss”, which only has 10,600 competing pages. It is very obvious which phrase you might be able to compete in.The second factor which halts many Internet marketing campaigns by beginners is paralysis by analysis. You’ve been researching, studying, and then you sit there afraid to hit the big “GO” button, because you’re not sure. Guess what, NO ONE IS SURE. You just need to start the project, get it online, and then learn from doing the process. Action is the key to success.Waiting for success is the next big mistake. You have done your research. You built your site. You wrote 20 articles. Now you’re sitting there watching the stats waiting for sales. Internet marketing is not a game of sit and wait. This is a game of consistent, and massive action. You need to get your name, and your message spread around the internet. Don’t wait, work.You need to engage your market in every place you can locate them. Use Facebook Fan pages, Squidoo, Twitter, Forums, and any other place you can find an audience to listen. Leave a trail of links leading back to your site. It will help increase your search engine rankings, and will bring real people to your site. People who are interested in what you have to say, because they have just read your comments, and want to know more. Your internet marketing promotion is only as good as your efforts to spread the word.The final point we will cover today is capturing names. Every top Internet marketer will tell you, but every new marketer promptly forgets. You must capture your visitors names and email addresses, and create a list. This mistake is the difference between making a few sales, and creating a business. A successful internet marketing promotion is often made on the second, third, or fourth contact with your list. Do not neglect this important part of building your online business. It is one of the critical basics to building a great online business.Avoiding the pitfalls and mistakes made commonly by other beginners, can help launch you to success. Your internet marketing promotion and business can be successful, profitable, and fun, by learning the basic skills to success.